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About Rixy

Hi there! My name is Rixy! I'm a Red and White Husky. I have been in the Furry Fandom for about 13 years and I have met a many of folks. I am thankful for the friends I have. Some in high places in the Fandom, others closer to my heart. ♥

I'm currently dealing with a lot of personal changes and struggling with depression and I keep fighting regardless of how hard it gets.

So, please feel free to talk to me about anything you see that I have as a hobby or have an interest in!


I do Live Streams on Twitch! I make some silly content if you'd like to check it out sometime! I don't have a schedule at the moment, but if you drop me a follow, you'll get notified when I go Live! :D

There was once a time I had about 500 followers on Twitch, then I lost access to my account when I changed my phone number and had 2 Factor Authentication; enabled. I contacted Twitch and they had stopped responding, so I eventually made an alternative account which has been my main account for a few years now.

Information Technology

As far as I.T. goes; I do a wide variety of things. I have built, tested and troubleshooted a lot of my own PC. I have built a dedicated server for a video game, and I have obviously built this website. I am super excited to work on a few personal projects which including Cyber Security, and getter a better grasp on Networking.

I have been working in the I.T field since I was in 9th grade, I was trying to learn about every aspect of a computer and how it all worked. Looking back on it now, I was so naive, and now of days I can dertermine, fix, and troubleshoot nearly any computer problem instantly. :3

Cyber Security

Cyber Security has been a big part of my life since I went to college. I learned from a friend there, that you can do Hacking as a career choice. I went to college for Music Production and instantly realized I needed to change majors; which added to the reason why I had dropped out.

My main focus since college has been Web App Pentests, or just Web Pentests; since a majority of the internet is websites to begin with. I've learned things such as; LFI (Local File Inclusion), RCE (Remote Code Execution), RSC (Reverse Shell Connection), SSTI (Server Side Template Injection) and many more. If Cyber Security is something you enjoy or partake in, I am always looking to improve my skills or teach any willing person, all that I know. :D


My interest in Photography has started in 2019, when I took my first photograph, with my younger brothers Canon Rebe T7i. Ever since then I started taking photos every day for a few months. Going to random spots I think would be nice for a photoshoot, and took a few photos. Many of which my family and friends very much enjoy. I also have attended Texas Furry Fiesta in '22, as well as Anthrocon '22 and I have taken photos of each. Check out more examples of my photography below! ♥


Music has been a big part of my life since I was 16. I started dabbling in EDM with a torrented version of FL Studios (As one does); then eventually moved on to buy the full Producer Edition for a lifetime License and now have been using it to do my Guitar / Bass and Vocal covers of songs by artists I enjoy. ♥
I recently have done a vocal cover of the songs:
• Skin - Beartooth
• Wicked Game - StoneSour (Live; Acoustic)
• Look The Other Way - Beartooth
• Plush - Stone Temple Pilots

Recent Works

New Stuff He Do. Check out his doin's.



Photo I took of Baruch at Anthrocon '22.



A nice photo I took of Flash, at Anthrocon '22.

My First Photo


This was the first ever photo I took with a Digital Camera. Unedited. All within the Camera Settings themselves.

Jib Kodi


Slightly Out of Focus Photo I took of Jib Kodi at Furrydelphia '23.

DJ Drayne Wolf


Seemingly Perfect Photo of Drayne DJ'ing



One of my favorite photos I ever took, dating back to 8-21-19!

Contact Me! :D

You can Contact Me on my Telegram or Discord!